Worth reading

Sometimes I run across material and wonder if I should blog it. Often, I’ll take a pass, especially if the site is a weekly and I would have to link often. But this stuff is worth a few bytes of storage:

The Onion claims to be “America’s Finest News Source” although funniest might be more accurate. Finest is so, well, vague. Just funny, nasty, no respect humor. Don’t miss this week’s job hunting tips.

Back of the Envelope is Christopher Byron’s forum for dismantling the pretenses of corporate America. Unfortunately publisher New York Observer does not post permanent links until the next column is published, so look for the 10/15/01 column on Gateway Computers.

Joel on Software is Joel Spolsky’s part one of a look at his own company’s software development process. Spolsky, author of User Interface Design for Programmers is quickly becoming an important voice on the state of the art in development.