Well, nothing much going on today so I here is a quick rundown on what I’ve seen so far:

  • Enterprise: Excellent, three strong shows out of three so far. Producer Brannon Braga says if you don’t like the theme song, turn the volume down, and I don’t like it and hope, perhaps for season two they will make a change. Even singer Russell Watson (and who the F is he?) thinks the song needs work. Watch it, you haven’t missed so much that you’d be lost.

  • Spin City: Hmm, why did they need Michael J. Fox to do a guest appearance? Funny, but then so was his hair. This week’s episode, the first without Fox, was pretty good so maybe they still have it. ABC has already announced a schedule change, and the show will be moving an hour earlier.

  • Friends: So far, very good. This is the last season, so they may try to run the Ross-Rachel romance back into the foreground and go out on a high note.

  • Frasier: Umm, not sure yet. Doesn’t strike me as being as funny as a few years ago but still better than, say, Dharma and Greg (which has been the main competition lately).

  • Inside Schwartz: I like the inside his mind commentary from the NBC and ESPN stars, it’s definitely different. However, what they have to comment on is too dependent on sex and potty humor. Look for this show to go down for the count in an early round.

  • Just Shoot Me: David Spade is really funny and what this show needs is more of him.

  • The Agency: Only saw one episode but I’m not encouraged. Given the current political climate, CBS might give them some space to try and grow into a better show.

  • Alias: Very cool, although I seem to be in the minority when it comes to Jennifer Garner’s looks. Could develop into something interesting.

  • That ’70s Show: Getting stronger in its fourth season. The writers and actors seem to be really getting comfortable with the characters and therefore able to take them far past, say, Happy Days.

  • Undeclared: Really funny and a good match for That ’70s Show. College kids (the show is set at the University of North Eastern California!) are smart, stupid, silly, overeager, horny, caring, and often unspoiled by worldly pressures. Rachel Lindquist is really yummy.