Proud to be a voice for peace

[The following entry is a letter to the editor I sent today to the San Jose Mercury News, my local newspaper.]

Becky Hobson (Letters, Oct. 11) suggests that “only by living our lives in peace will that peace spread out and ‘infect’ everyone around us.” This is typical of the pacifist responses I have read in the past four weeks and frankly I’m fed up. There’s one big thing wrong with it: the terrorists who claimed over 5,000 lives last month aren’t get infected and more likely have taken a vaccine to inoculate themselves. All my life I have been for peace and against violence in all forms from the personal to national, but there are times when violence is necessary, specifically when a person or country needs to defend themselves against attack.

In the face of this, protestors continue to speak out but I have two questions for them: Are you ready to sit still while al-Quaeda delivers the next killing strike to America or one of our allies? If you’re not, how do you suggest we prevent that tragedy?

[I would link to Ms. Hobson’s letter but this paper does not provide free access to their permanent archives.]