Football coaching merrygoround: Lovie in the Big City

This is one head coaching hire I really like. Frankly, I don’t care how well the Bears do next season but I think that the ownership should be commended for bringing in a minority coach who speaks well, is creative and knows his defense (taking the Rams from near bottom to near top during three years as coordinator) and his team history–setting goal number one as victories over the hated Packers. He’ll need some big help on the moving the ball side of things because he has no background on offense and not too much in the way of talented players to use as a seed kernel.

Perhaps he (and whoever he brings in as coordinator) can get from Kordell Stewart what Bill Cowher never could, but it won’t be as starting QB–that job belongs to Rex Grossman (who’s still not Jewish) after a very promising rookie year–but Slash was a great runner and reciever and should be able to contribute as a different kind of weapon if he’s willing. Marty Booker and Anthony Thomas have potential and perhaps Coach Smith can get GM Angelo and the ownership to open the checkbook for some top free agent talent.

That may be easier for Bears fans to dream about than expect, though, since they reportedly gave Smith one of the lowest paychecks in the league; even Gregg Williams, fired as the Bills coach, got nearly $500k more to be Joe Gibbs’ new defensive coordinator in DC. Smith is the now the fifth African-American coach in the NFL along with Arizona’s Dennis Green, NY Jet’s Herm Edwards, Cincinnati’s Marvin Lewis and Indy’s Tony Dungy.