OW on LC

OligoplyWatch has an interesting posting on how the big food companies are responding to the low carb market demand. Unilever, for instance, will be releasing a large number of low carb versions of its Ragu, Skippy and Wishbone products, hoping to pick up the slack from the declining sales of its Slimfast line. OW quotes a Fortune article: “Meanwhile, at food-science labs across the country, researchers are figuring out how to take the carbs out of just about every product we eat.” And, as I expected, these entries will lower the price of low carb products; the Skippy peanut butter, for instance, will have a list price of $2.89 versus $6.99 for Carb Not Beanit Butter, and you know there are always coupons and specials on their stuff. W00t, if I do say so myself.