A Twitter Fav from Zonal_Marking

Nice work from @toothpickbandit making this image showing a 20-team chain of Premier League victories http://t.co/oiZkTCT1@Zonal_Marking

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A Twitter Fav from whump

A lovely deco-ish font with lots of ligatures and other features. http://t.co/eRWHcox@whump

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A Twitter Fav from haileighboo

Banana Chocolate Chip Bread Done Simply – This is a perfect way to use up the bananas that you purchase that… http://t.co/kxm6jevV@haileighboo

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A Twitter Fav from HarlanCoben

THIRD! RT @jenniferweiner: Seconded. MT @megancrane: Seriously, if you love Love Actually BEYOND REASON, read this: http://t.co/2DIF1OYK@HarlanCoben

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A Twitter Fav from chicobangs

Earliest known footage of Buddy Holly & Elvis Presley, opening for Hank Snow in OKC & goofing off: http://t.co/zxqUAPNP@chicobangs

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A Twitter Fav from brainpicker

What is symbolism? From Jack Kerouac to Ayn Rand, iconic writers answer student’s 1963 questionnaire http://t.co/cO7CAaIL@brainpicker

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A Twitter Fav from steveklabnik

Oh, and @stevegraham and @josevalim, this is specifically relevant to you: http://t.co/oXjPEof6@steveklabnik

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A Twitter Fav from yannski

http://t.co/3XuutRwu “HTML5 and the Rise of Hybrid Apps” — @yannski

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A Twitter Fav from LFC

Bid for signed LFC shirts now: http://t.co/HTFKswNW@LFC

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A Twitter Fav from LFC

You Tweeted your questions for Daniel Agger and, as promised, here are his answers: http://t.co/SiGVSOPn@LFC

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A Twitter Fav from rudytheelder

The Big Idea: Rudy Rucker NESTED SCROLLS on John Scalzi’s blog http://t.co/CJyK2X3d@rudytheelder

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A Twitter Fav from Pyr_Books

“I’ve been going on too many dates with dystopian fics who try and pretend they’re sci-fi. It rarely works out.” http://t.co/mPzBzyE1@Pyr_Books

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A Twitter Fav from john_clute

SFE here’s an homage to #kimstanleyrobinson SLINGSHOT ENDING http://t.co/CdbBVr5J@john_clute

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A Twitter Fav from josevalim

Database constraints made easy for ActiveRecord – http://t.co/WQDrB3RD (ht: @jonicklas) — @josevalim

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A Twitter Fav from philnelson

I somehow missed @aaronsw’s neat tool for viewing Twitter conversation threads in context http://t.co/67wWGmqU@philnelson

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A Twitter Fav from stressdressed

Worried about evolution? I know I am. Spread the word with our new (intelligent?) design: http://t.co/1xmpNdrt@stressdressed

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A Twitter Fav from Moonbootica

Space Porn: Gorgeous concept art of newly-discovered "Earth 2.0" planet – @io9 http://t.co/Je9lnWq9@Moonbootica

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A Twitter Fav from PhiladelphiaGov

Ryan Howard has made a $1.2 million donation to the Philadelphia School District! http://t.co/XG9zTSQr@PhiladelphiaGov

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A Twitter Fav from TheSassWay

Knyle Style Sheets – generate styleguides from your CSS (Sass, SCSS, Less) source. http://t.co/PYEU60Tk@TheSassWay

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