Best of 2002

The choices here are ones I have seen, read, heard, or otherwise experienced.

Best of 2001, Best of 2003

Bill’s Best of 2002

  • Family: Once again, it goes to someone close to me: Vivian, my very sweet one. Although Nancy, Jim, and the girls made a good effort.
  • Movie: Out of 82 written up here this year: NewThe Bourne Identity, which I thought was an awesome, intelligent thriller. My Big Fat Greek Wedding was a close second and Star Trek Nemesis warmed my cockles. ClassicLocal Hero is one of my all time favorites, though The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert was the best ‘new’ classic I saw. Worst film: No doubt, K-19 Widowmaker was the biggest waste of lifespan in 2002, even though Harrison Ford and Liam Neeson are such good actors; I blame director Katherine Bigelow and writer Chris Kyle for a lifeless piece of dreck.
  • Music: Bruce Springsteen’s first studio release in 18 years with the E Street Band, The Rising. An awesome tribute to what America has gone through, emotionally, in the last 15 months without forgetting that life is something to celebrate, always.
  • TV: This was a really tough choice for me. I decided to limit myself to shows that first aired in 2k2 and have not been cancelled. So it’s a three-way tie: Monk, The Shield, and Boomtown. This year was all about catching the bad guys.
  • Trip: That would be December in New Jersey with Vivian and the family, no doubt.
  • Photo: Real simple:
  • Sports: World Cup! Though I would have rather been working, being out meant I could watch about as much of it as I could stand, and the strong American run was really exciting–the Brasileiros were awesome in taking a fifth trophy.
  • Dinner: First Anniversary with The Sweet One at Chez TJ, though dinner at Fresco with my parents and sister was a pretty close second (as pictured in the photo).
  • Art exhibit: The Cantor Center at Stanford, especially the Rodin sculptures. The Menorah at the Metropolitan Museum was great too.
  • Food product: Atkins Advantage Bars, especially the chocolate mocha crunch flavor, for making my diet very successful so far (32 pounds in just under 4 months), closely followed by Atkins Blueberry Muffin Mix
  • Consumer product: Gillete Mach 3 Turbo razor, which I just picked up two weeks ago, is a vast improvement over the Gillette Atra Plus I’ve been using for more than ten years. I haven’t cut myself yet using it!

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