Water Main Excitement

Just writing this to record events.

On Feb. 28 (2022) the crew showed up to install the photovoltaic system for our house. That afternoon or the next morning they drilled through the main water line in the garage wall. Fair enough, they cleaned up the mess, patched the pipe and repaired the wall.

On March 30, water was leaking out from the same wall and the install company sent a crew to patch and repair. The same crew, which is significant since they made the same repair.

Today we came home from running errands, we were gone maybe 75-80 minutes, and water was gushing and the garage floor and driveway we covered in water.

I called the installers and they sent an electrician right away and this time agreed to call a real plumber. I had one here last week for unrelated work and he was available for an after hours call. Phew!

As soon as the plumber arrived he saw the issue. The electricians, not being plumbers, used the wrong connector on the pipe patch and it was only ever a matter of time before the previous repair blew!

Hopefully this is the last time the pipe blows!!

The Blowout