Twitters for 2012-07-22

  • .@Fahrni one does not 'punch' peers of the realm, my good man. #justkidding #gorightahead #
  • @Fahrni no really, I insist. get on the plane to London and do it. #
  • @Fahrni Both? Remember, he's mostly a mouthpiece for corp interests, doubt he believes too much of what comes out of his mouth. #
  • @Fahrni have to keep a stiff upper lip, they're British! #
  • @Fahrni Won't be held here anytime soon but when it is the same corporate pressures will be brought to bear. #
  • #protip Washing a big blanket at a laundromat is not Saturday fun #
  • @Fahrni I'll sign up to do the front end πŸ˜‰ #

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