Twitters for 2012-02-08

  • Hi @BBCFootball1 , what happened to the RSS feed for the Gossip column? it seems to have vanished after the redesign. #sad #
  • @rcade when you're Romney rich we'll already have direct brain interface #nomoreplastickeyboards #
  • @rcade not much of a fortune then #
  • .@rcade You can have Henderson, Kelly and Andy Carroll. 3 quid for the lot. #
  • Yay!! Court: CA gay-marriage ban is unconstitutional via @YahooNews #
  • @CarrollisGOD, my mom's better value for money but isn't really mobile, as she's 83 and has scoliosis /cc @rcade #
  • @CarrollisGOD I don't believe she knows him and if she did she'd make withering comments about the ponytail @rcade #
  • @CarrollisGOD Nope, look at my avatar, it's all there–my mom is just merciless on adult men with ponytails @rcade #
  • @CarrollisGOD You'd think so but at 83 she's really set in her ways and doesn't respond to logic or emotion #sadbuttrue @rcade #

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