10 Questions for President Obama and his re-election

While the crowd of clowns pursue the GOP nomination, President Obama is unopposed on the Democratic side (as we would expect). Though I expect to vote for him or not at all I would love to get answers to a few questions on positions he’s taken during his first term.

  1. Why has your Administration continued, and even increased, the use of top secret classifications, national security letters and similar dark side tools?
  2. Related: Why is Bradley Manning being prosecuted?
  3. Why are former partners and employees of Goldman Sachs so prominent in your Administration?
  4. Why has your Administration not acted on the Too Big To Fail financial institutions? That is, pushed for legislation and/or regulatory changes that would make them no long Too Big. If anything, these corporations are now even larger and potentially bigger catastrophes waiting to happen!
  5. Iran, North Korea and Pakistan still have nuclear weapons or the capability to build them. Why?
  6. Why is your Administration opposed to medical marijuana and legalization of marijuana and other recreational drugs?
  7. Why isn’t your Administration moving to better protect the environment from fraking and similar resource extraction technology?
  8. Why did your Administration participate in the secret ACTA treaty negotiations?
  9. Why is your Administration extraditing Richard O’Dwyer for creating a website that simply links to shared files, even though the site itself did not offer any shared files?
  10. Why is your Administration, via the DHS, monitoring the Internet for political dissent?

Note: “National security” in and of itself, with no further elaboration is not a sufficient answer to any of the above.