Twitters for 2011-12-27

  • You have to be f'ing kidding me @LFC #ynwa but how many draws against crap teams are we going to have?!?! #
  • V funny if not a prank RT @whump Reality stranger than pulp fiction: a secretive cult in Japan, worshiping Kim Jong-il #
  • @Fahrni sweet! #
  • @Fahrni 1Password is a must! ITerm2 also great, and FOSS #
  • Chelsea looked apathetic and really only Clint Dempsey, Stockdale and Dembele were above avg for Fulham today #epl #usmnt #
  • @LFC were up and in the game but finishing was wide, high or soft all day, just poor as has been true all season #ynwa #
  • As usual, GOP pols treat truth as whatever suits current needs #idiots #
  • @LoveGod50 At least we've heard of, you know, evaporation & other ways the ecosystem recycles its elements. Spelling is a great skill though #

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