10 Years On

I just reread my posts from Sep. 2001 and a few from friends. Hard to miss today, as it should be; 0/11 was a milestone in history on par with Aug. 14, 1914 and May 14, 1948.

I found out about the horror when my sister called around 7:45 my time that morning. I’d just got up and was eating a bowl of cereal–what mundane things we remember–and Joanne asked if I’d seen. She said turn on the TV, I said what channel and she said it doesn’t matter. I watched as the second Tower fell and cried. I was scared for her, since she was only 50 blocks or so north and she saw with her own eyes.

Later I learned that one person I knew passed when the Towers were destroyed, Ruth Lapin, a wonderful warm, smart woman who was married to one of my mentors, David Chazin. I’ll always remember our last dinner together at a Thai restaurant. When the hostess asked Ruth how spicy to make her dish she said four, which was code for “the chef goes crazy and laughs at how many Scovilles go in the pot.”

So much has happened on the national and world stages since then, very little to my liking. But I don’t feel the need to go on another useless blog rant. I’ll just think about Ruth and David and all the other people who lost their lives that day and since.