Twitters for 2011-08-13

  • @The_Pornlord Have you read Charlie Stross's latest, Rule 34, yet? Seems right up your, er, alley. #
  • @1Password Thanks for making software worthy of recommendation! #
  • Candidate's words always fair game | Questioner under fire for asking Bachmann what being a submissive wife means #gop #
  • @mahalramos Not at all, just hard to believe a "submissive" wife will not take unelected hubby's decisions as policy #
  • @mahalramos Not sure she can, word means what it means, though IMO that's hardly her biggest obstacle to nomination #
  • @mahalramos That's reasonable, but MB's use of specific Biblical term + self-professed religious beliefs are diff animal #
  • .@perezd "There are only two hard things in Computer Science: cache invalidation, off by one errors & naming things." #ftfy #
  • Wearing my @Dirk_18_Kuyt jersey, PSYCHED 4 @LFC 2 open the next great season @ Anfield tomorrow /cc @John_W_Henry @pauldalglish #
  • Had an awesome 1:1 brainstorm w/our new VP Product this afternoon, @zuberance is rockin' #ilovemyjob #

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