Comcast: Cut the BS on Fox Soccer in HD and just answer already!

[This is the email I sent to Comcast, for all the good it will do.]

I’m getting fed up with the BS line the customer service people are told to give as an answer when I call to ask why I have to pay extra for Fox Soccer Channel and GolTV.

I was told, after waiting ONE FREAKING YEAR since my last call, the same BS: that Comcast cannot carry these channels in HD because the networks won’t allow it.

Fox, of course, says that they’d be happy to have the ONE OF THE TWO LARGEST CABLE COMPANIES IN AMERICA carrying their network.

Clearly one company is not telling the truth. Given that Fox can only gain from carriage the logical answer is that Comcast is not being honest.

What, is $250 a month for TV and Internet not enough to be at least treated with respect???

As it happens last summer I spoke with a manager after getting the standard BS line and he told me that Comcast was planning a network upgrade that would increase HD capacity but it wouldn’t be ready until about June of this year. Well, its August and I see I can get WGN and KCSM in HD but still no Fox Soccer Channel.

Why is Comcast not willing to answer honestly and openly? Look at the hottest thread on the customer forums,, over 400 posts from customers begging or telling of switching to a different provider and yet all Comcast Larry can say is he has brought the request to the team’s attention.

Answer already!