Twitters for 2011-08-02

  • The Growth of the Internet and the Happy Recession via @DigitalDD #newneweconomy #
  • Love @jQuery software, hate software powering jQuery forums / @zoho I'm lookin' at you! #
  • @zoho Fix the back button and when searching in a forum, give results for only that forum #jQuery #
  • @zoho Your forum replies from year+ ago promised fast resolution, what's taking so long? #jquery #
  • @akalsey "first grandchild" #
  • @Fahrni Prob with native especially on mobile is must get user to install many apps #
  • @Fahrni problem if you're basing a business on the app #
  • @Fahrni you're absolutely correct but an install adds an extra, high, hurdle so value has to be that much more #
  • @flannelenigma Sadly, not on @Comcast Bay Area–we got KCSM (PBS) & WGN #useless #
  • @flannelenigma Of course that's the one I really want but despite paying extra still no sign of it /cc @comcast @foxsoccer #

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