Earth to Hollywood: No more 3-D until you get it right

We saw Transformers 3 tonight in 3-D. I felt the effect was almost totally unnoticeable except for the headache the glasses gave me.

With all the extremely fast motion and shooting there was plenty of opportunity for the 3-D to add to the movie but Michael Bay used none of it. Say what you will about Bay’s directing abilities but he does do good blow’em up, and he did in this flick, but he never took advantage of the extra dimension to shoot bits out at the audience.

We saw Green Hornet in 3-D and a few others. None have impressed me except maybe Avatar.

I’m reminded of the South Park episode where the boys go to Lucas and Spielberg and beg them not to mess up their old movies. I wish the boys would do another episode where they blow up all the 3-D manufacturing plants.

I don’t mind the extra couple of bucks, I understand everyone needs their mansions and Porsches. Just raise the damn price and stop playing stupid optical tricks. Please!