Pardon the Interruption but this ad is too weird!

I was checking out MLS news on Yahoo just now and was served the ad below:

LowerMyBills Ad from Y! MLS News

Seriously, what is up with the man’s photo in the ad? Maybe a marketing manager at was drunk from a three martini lunch that afternoon or something. I’m not sure but the long, scraggly hair, unkempt beard and all around look of ‘my mind is somewhere but nowhere anyone else on Earth can go’ on his face do not make me scream “hey, let me go refinance the single largest investment in my life with these good folks!” Nor does his toplessness and potential nakedness for that matter.

The only reason I came up with for using this image is that unlike 99% of ads I see online or otherwise at least I spent a few seconds thinking about this one. Not in anyway that’s good for the company but maybe this is the 2010 equivalent of the dancing silhouette I used to see often on Yahoo! ad network pages.

Still, let’s look at this one more time zoomed in on the picture:

LowerMyBills Ad from Y! MLS News Zoomed

Sorry but I am just not trusting that guy with my money.

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