Zoo Station rocked Mountain View Arts & Wine

Mountain View is home to the Shoreline Amphitheater and so hosts many, many concerts. Living just the other side of 101 from it we can often stand in the yard and listen to washed-out, blurry music. Going to a show with 20,000 or so folks, though, is something I’m rarely interested in doing and so I’ve never gone there. If Springsteen or U2 ever changed their location strategy away from arenas and stadiums, that’d be another story.

Mountain View also hosts an annual Arts & Wine Festival on Castro St. and we went to this year’s over the weekend. The Festival has three or four bands on the ‘main’ stage by City Hall each day and this year we went to see Zoo Station, a U2 tribute band–TS1 is a huge U2 fan.

Zoo Station at Mountain View Arts and Wine Festival 2010

These guys were great! The lead singer, Bonalmost, has charisma to spare and, arguably, the hardest task in singing like Bono. The Sledge has his original’s enigmatic presence down pat.

Zoo Station's guitarist, singer and drummer

This year was definitely a comeback year for the Festival overall. The booth count was way up from the last couple of years, stretching all the way from El Camino Real to Evelyn, and while I don’t have an attendance number for sure the crowds were much thicker (we actually went both days). Had some tasty fried calamari for lunch Saturday and a wonderful sweet, light southern style pulled pork sandwich Sunday.