Safeway: Customer Service, Marketing Fail

[Note: I sent this email to Safeway over a week ago and have not received so much as an automated response.]

I am very unhappy about the false promise made by Safeway regarding accumulation of 10 cent per gallon discounts. I live in Mountain View, CA, and shop at the store on Shoreline Blvd. Given that I’ve accumulated 6 or 7 and the discount expires next 10 days I tried to use it yesterday only to find out that I cannot, at least not in any reasonable way. $0.60 * 14 gallons to fill up is $8.40 (or $9.80 for 7), a meaningful amount in these days of rising gas prices.

I looked very carefully at the related pages on and find nothing that says the reward can only be redeemed at Safeways which sell gas, just “participating locations.” But nowhere are participating locations listed and the closest such Safeway is in Pleasonton, over 40 minutes drive from here! Past similar programs have been redeemable at the Arco next to the Safeway at which I shop.

Indeed the PowerPump Locator page lists three locations in Mountain View (when I enter zip code 94043). But instead of being places where one may redeem the reward these are the three stores you have in town and this distinction is not mentioned at all.

To me this is similar to false advertising since Safeway is creating the same false expectation that I’m getting a deal by shopping at the store. Either the company should arrange for location redemption locations or stop making the claim on every receipt I get.