Chelsea FC: Too much money or too many great players

Real Madrid has claimed the nickname Galacticos for its collection of stars but since Roman Abromovich bought the club prior to last season and unleashed his checkbook, Chelsea has just run ragged buying players. Hell, they bought so many players last year that at least one of the players (Alexi Smertin) was immediately loaned out to another squad.

Having watched their first two ChampionsWorld matches, I think every other EPL club is going to need their best performances to get a win against the Blues and, especially if Viera ends up going to Spain, there is a decent chance for them to repeat Arsenal’s once in a century feat and go undefeated through the season. Just look at the roster!

Sure the Anfield Boys put an even worse beating on Celtic than Chelsea managed, and probably have a slightly more dangerous strike force, but I tell you now I fear Chelski.