Football coaching merrygoround: Second day, two deals, no love for Romeo

The Washington Angry Native Americans hired their only legendary coach, Joe Gibbs, who apparently got tired of watching cars drive around and around for several hours at a clip (that is, he bought himself a NASCAR team when he ‘retired’ from football) and decided he’d rather make $5 million a year for five years (that is, the same deal the now-departed Steve Spurrier had). But he also gets to be both coach and president of football operations (that is, he gets final say on personnel, which Spurrier did not have). Washington has made the playoffs a grand total of one (1) time in the 11 years Gibbs has been away.

The Arizona Cardinals, meanwhile, brought in Dennis Green as their latest managerial saviour. Sadly, he’ll only be paid $11 million over four years, though he will have similar authority, but then again Gibbs won three Super Bowls as a head coach while Green won none in 10 years running the Minnesota Vikings. Green also flirted with the Oakland Raiders but one can hardly blame him from staying away from that hornet’s nest. While I applaud the Bidwell’s willingness to hire a minority coach, the question is whether they chose the right one; Romeo Crennel was another interviewee and (hate to be so repetitive), I’d love to see what he can do as a head coach.