Football coaching merrygoround: Tice stays, Spurrier goes

Minnesota Vikings owner Red McCombs wondered what all the fuss was about and pointed out that he never said anything less than supportive of head coach Mike Tice. After the way their season ended, you might expect some changes in the defensive coaching staff, so it’s probably fortunate that defensive coordinator George O’Leary resigned a couple of weeks ago to take the head coaching job at the University of Central Florida.

Surprising no one but confusing many with a non-denial denial that he’d resigned, Steve Spurrier did resign as coach of the Washington Native Americans after two years where pretty much nothing went his way despite mucho dinero for players and facilities provided by baby owner Dan Snyder. Though that moeny apparently also came with plenty of suggestions regarding how Spurrier out to spend it. Not nearly as pleasant an experience as all those years where he was more or less worshipped at that little college down in the Sunshine State.