Football coaching merrygoround: Tick tock, Bill Callahan

Over in Oakland the players are in full revolt and one can only wonder how many grains of sand are left in Callahan’s hourglass. Turns out that when he suspended Charles Woodson before the Charger game, the other DBs nearly refused to play in protest and only calming words from Woodson stopped them. That would have been one amusing football game to watch, though, had they gone through with it.

Butch Davis, on the other hand, appears to have saved his job running the Browns for at least one more year but only by throwing three of his offensive coaches–offensive coordinator Bruce Arians, quarterbacks coach Carl Smith and running backs coach Todd McNair–into the void. Interesting that the firings focused on offense since the defense didn’t seem all that great either. To compare one macro-level measure, the Browns scored more than 20 points only three times (winning all three) but gave up more than 20 points eight times, losing all eight.

No word out of Minnesota yet regarding Mike Tice and given the second half collapse you have to expect some movement from the team. Perhaps, as in Cleveland, the head coach will stay but be forced to dismiss some top assistants. The offense wasn’t completely in synch, even with the 6-0 start, but in the end you can point the finger directly at the defense as exemplified by the two touchdowns given up to the Cardinals Sunday in the last two minutes to blow an 11 point lead that would have meant 10 wins, the NFC North and a home playoff game next weekend.