RSS replacing email?

Lately there has been much commentary on the ‘death of email’ and such as people realize that spam and anti-virus filters are probably going to be less and less effective as time passes. Having read this, I have some questions for these commentators suggesting RSS as an alternative. Maybe John Robb, formerly an industry analyst and Navy jet pilot, can pose some answers since it was his post that inspired this.

I’m a bit confused by recent comments on using RSS in place of email. What I’m picturing as intended is an RSS feed that I publish to instead of sending email. But I don’t send all my emails to everyone, so that means publishing a separate feed for each individual and crossposting to the appropriate feeds when there’s more than one recipient for a given message. I suppose I could use a single blog with multiple categories, one category per recipient but a) this is an implementation detail, b) categories wouldn’t be very secure since one would would almost certainly use a mnemonic naming system, and c) Blogger doesn’t support categories.

Anyway, this means that all my recipients would need to subscribe to the appropriate feed; perhaps I could send them an email with a link to get started? Also, each new person with whom I want to correspond would require much more initial effort than is currently required. Would the system use Trackback to maintain a conversational thread?

John? (or perhaps PhilR wants to comment?)

[Note: I’ve had Blogger issues for hours, or this would have been posted much earlier.*grumble grumble*]