Real country names

Anil points to an interesting map of Europe made by Geoff Cohen that labels the countries with the name used by its citizens. Switzerland, for instance, is Helvetica, Ireland is Eire, and Hungary is Magyarorszag. The same kind of thing is true with many other nations as well so the question I have, and to be honest this is something I wondered about previously, is why do we use these other made up names? Eire to Ireland is fairly simple I suppose, and Magyarorszag to Hungary comes from the Austro-Hungarian Empire (probably somehow related to an early ruling family name, this is the reason behind the derivation of the English name for China, which is called Zhong Guo internally) but how does one get from Helvetica to Switzerland? Cohen says that these names are leftovers from the British Colonial era but no one feels strongly enough to change things. Cool map though.