Sunday, Sunday

  • NY Times editorializes in favor of the Atkins Approach. The whole thing is definitely going mainstream, though it’s sad that Dr. Atkins himself is missing the parade, and TS1 and I are still losing weight by applying it.
  • Also in the Times zone, Jayson Blair wants to write a book about how he made up most of his reporting while working there; by itself this would be a laughable attempt to profit from his own misdeeds but then he expects us to believe there were secret cocaine parties in the paper’s offices. This scribbler thinks Jayson ought to stick to what he knows best: fiction.
  • Anonymous Coward posts a hilarious geek re-interpretation of history on /., though this is not the first posting of it. And even last year it was probably old. But still funny.
  • How does someone get forced out of politics due to ethical transgressions only to end up in a court-appointed job six months later? Because it’s New Jersey, of course! Drudge mistakenly headlines this as a government-paid job but I wonder what qualifications Torricelli, a career politico, has to oversee an enironmental cleanup dispute.
  • This story comes from a French newspaper, so take it for what it’s worth, but apparently our troops had such an easy time taking Baghdad last month because we paid off the Iraqi Reublican Guard commander. A few hundred thousand dollars and sanctuary for him (plus family) seems like a trivial price when you consider that just one of the big missiles we used in the campaign costs over $1 million and many lives weren’t lost in the battle that never happened.
  • And finally, can we get a shout out for the Nets and Devils, who’re both in their respective Finals in the same year for the first time? Realistically I’ll take the Devils, who ought to find a way past the red hot Giguerre, but not the Nets, who probably can’t match up well enough against Duncan.