Letter on Andy Grove’s column

Andy Grove argues (Opinion, 7/19) that miscreant corporate executives are the exception today and that commentators and regulators should not be getting in their way with exaggerated criticism when we need these CEOs’ energy focused on getting us out of the reception. Gee, Andy, tell that to the thousands of us out of work due to poor, if not always illegal, decision making by executives; his Intel has perhaps done nothing illegal or unethical but they sure did just announce another 4,000 layoffs.

I’m sorry that he feels such a resonance with the Communists of his childhood but I’ll get past my hard feeling when Lay and Fastow, Ebbers, Rigas pere et fils, and many others are behind bars and have regurgitated their ill-gotten gains. Oh yeah, and when I get my first job interview after a year of searching.