“I’m not worried about war, because life and death are decided by Allah.”

That’s not me talking, it’s a female doctor in Pakistan quoted by Nicholas Kristoff in August 1914 in Pakistan (NY Times: mefi, mefi) but it sure scares the hell out of me. More:

“The Indian Air Force and the Army are raring to have a go, and only political authority is holding them back,” said Sumit Ganguly, an Indian author.

“Hamid Gul, a rabble-rousing former lieutenant general and head of Pakistan’s intelligence agency, says that the moment India strikes, Pakistan will call for a jihad against India and invite Muslims from all over the world to sneak into India and wage attacks. He added that Pakistan would also support separatist movements around India and might even bomb India’s high-tech centers. “If India attacks,” said General Gul, “then it’s `Come one, come all, it’s Jihad!’

“Hamid Nasir Chattha, a prominent politician, noted in a newspaper essay yesterday that Pakistan had spent a fortune acquiring a nuclear capability and suggested that as a result it would be almost a shame not to use it: “If the use of nuclear is unavoidable for the survival of Pakistan, then it must be used with no hesitation.”

“A survey of Pakistani elites published in a recent book, “Pakistan and the Bomb,” found that 98 percent believed that Pakistan would be justified in using nuclear weapons ‘if India were about to attack Pakistan across the international border.'”

“The U.S. Naval War College held an India-Pakistan war game not long ago in which each country’s leaders were played by officials from that country. The games began with a terrorist attack, grew into a border war–and then Pakistan covered its retreat by firing four nuclear weapons at pursuing Indian troops. India responded with 12 nuclear warheads. The U.S. Defense Threat Reduction Agency estimated that the result would have been 15 million casualties.”

Okay, I’ve basically quoted the entire article but I hope you’re getting the deadly point.