Today’s movie: Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones

I know, I’m just as surprised as you that I waited 16 days to see Attack of the Clones too. What the hell. We did make the extra effort to drive to San Jose and see it at a digital projection theater. Not incredible but nice to have, worth driving a few extra minutes if you live near one of the 20 theaters across the country which have it.

Don’t bother to see it if you expect logic and amazing acting. This isn’t that kind of movie. The special effects are state of the art and the integration of digital creations with real people is undetectable. Yoda, as many others have said before, rocks. The aliens of planet Kamino, scientists who create the clone army, are amazingly beautiful and you will believe the characters are people in suits even though they’re not. Hayden Christensen, the 20 year old Anakin, did not meet my expectations for the role and Ewen McGregor is usually a much better actor. Christopher Lee just rocks and at 80 years of age shows no signs of slowing up (remember his Sarumen in Fellowship of the Rings?).

Will George Lucas direct Episode Three as he has One and Two? I kind of hope he doesn’t. As good as the technology is here, he seems too enamored of it and we end up with weaker acting and plotting than ought to be the case. Still…