Blogger frustrating users, users looking at alternatives

The Blogger API server continues to be offline, causing this site’s Book Review and Springsteen pages to be non-functional at this time. Pyra is not responding to email or newsgroup postings on this topic. User frustration is mounting. Myself, I set up MovableType 2.11 yesterday and unless there is some serious improvement from Blogger services quickly, you may see me finally give up and leave. Which would be a shame after all this time, well over a year now, that I have been an enthhusiastic user and supporter. Ev, are you listening? Why can’t we get so much as a simple status message/response?

Update, 5:30 PST: Ev posted a message to the newsgroup explaining many of the difficulties, including why he hasn’t posted answers to the numerous problems. We need to have a chat with some folks at Yahoo! Groups, it seems, when a group owner can’t even post to his own group.

Update, 6:30 PST: The API server is back online and so all pages should be working.