Tonight’s movie: Spider-Man

You knew I was seeing this smack flick on opening night. Preceeded by sushi dinner with six pals, just love those 911 rolls, and a well-managed line outside the theater (thanks, Fandango). Did I enjoy the movie? Perhaps not as much as the bulk of the geek audience I saw the show with, they gave a standing ovation, but I thought the movie was really good, really cool.

The weakest point was the Green Goblin’s costume. The mask especially was far too rigid and ’70s Saturday morning cartoonish. Tobey Maguire was, Saturday Night Live goofs aside, a really good choice for the hero role since he can actually act. Willem Dafoe is always good as the slime although it’s too bad he had to wear that stupid mask for much of the show. Kirsten Dunst can act but I think they must have used some serious special effects on her breasts because she didn’t look anywhere near as large in, say, Bring It On. Yowsa!

Sam Raimi mainly directed genre flicks but steps up to the plate big time. David Koepp (Jurassic Park, Panic Room) gets a good balance between the original comics and the needs of a $100 million movie production. The studio has already signed off on the next Spider-Man movie, for release in two years and the entire cast and Raimi have been firmed although the writing duties are going to Alfred Gough and Miles Millar, the guys behind the current TV version of Superman, Smallville, and the recent DeNiro/Murphy comedy Showtime.

Highly recommended!