Journalism: Where’s the news?

Having worked and lived out here in Silicon Valley through most of the recent Internet boom and bust, I learned along time ago that there is very little money to be made off cute toys if those toys don’t deliver real solutions. I expect this is an old lesson that people discover over and over again. The Boston Globe, in a naive article titled Financial exchanges try to deal with dark days, is demonstrating this to be so. Okay, they have a few local companies to write about, including one, Debt Exchange, that appears to understand this lesson and so survives. The story quotes one customer: ”I don’t even care if he uses the Internet,” Loeber said. ”I just want the job done quickly and well.” Exactly. But tell me, Beth Healey of the Boston Globe, how exactly is this news? There is a good article in what you’ve written but you ought to ask your editor why he didn’t let it out.