Tonight’s movie: Vanilla Sky

Talk about your out there, loopy movies and Vanilla Sky has to be added to the list. Think of What Dreams May Come and you might be in the ballpark, though this is more grounded in reality. Cool. Surreal. Confusing. Absolutely not your expected Cameron Crowe/Tom Cruise material. One might wonder why Cruise falls so hard and so quickly for Cruz instead of Diaz but there you are. The way Tom looks at Penelope you’d think he was really falling in love with her or something. Kurt Russell has a dream role and Jason Lee is a little too much of the smart ass for his role but if you get past the confusion you’ll see Crowe has done an above average job directing. Of course I haven’t seen Alejandro Amenábar’s Spanish original Obre Los Ojos (Open Your Eyes) in which Cruz played the same role.