Micro-advertising experiment, day six

Going by the official stats, I had four more visitors through the ad yesterday for a total of 25 out of 2307 views for a 1.08% CTR. Having used MetaFilter’s Ad Management screens for a week now, I am ready to admit they have some shortcomings. Most explicitly is that after 20 minutes one must login again so I can’t just keep a browser pointed at the page and hit Refresh every now and again; Matt says he could change this but hasn’t yet. Further, the design of the screens is less than optimal. I would also like more summary information on the main page and that some other format than Flash be used to visualize the daily results chart. Hmm, this is an odd write up, I think, since most of you can’t see these screens. So I captured the graphic just to display for you:

MetaFilter TextAd results as of 12/20