Microsoft still aiming at J2EE

Many observers have said that a target, perhaps the main target, of Microsoft’s .Net web services strategy is Sun’s Java. In the most clear indication yet that this is indeed true, Mary Jo Foley writes that Microsoft Readies “Indigo” for Web Services. Indigo is the next generation web services, developer-oriented platform from MS; the article says that the company plans to include it in a version of Windows expected to be released in Spring, 2003. Services planned for the platform include common naming, addressing, security, event and messaging using XML, SOAP, WSDL, and UDDI. A very early test release is likely to certain development partners next week at the Professional Developers Conference.

Indigo compliments the other .Net initiatives: .Net My Services (also known by the code name of Hailstorm) for consumer-oriented functionality and Blizzard for B2B/ecommerce functionality. Blizzard is also far from release and analysts do not expect a public announcement of it until next year.