Singularity News

John Robb, CEO of UserLand Software, has started Singularity, a weblog with news and information on the Singularity. I’ve briefly touched on this before. Vernor Vinge, the idea’s originator, and Ray Kurzweil explain it as “the idea that accelerating technology will lead to superhuman machine intelligence that will soon exceed human intelligence, probably by the year 2030. The results on the other side of the “event horizon” are unpredictable.” I expect this will be a very interesting weblog if Robb gives it much attention.

Kurzweil’s site has a number of interesting articles on this topic such as Robin Hanson’s detailed, math-filled economic analysis of the Singularity; John Smart’s What is the Singularity?, which surveys the history, thinkers, and development of the concept; and a video preview of Kurzweil’s next book The Singularity is Near.