Is He the One?

I have someone very special in my life, who loves her privacy, so I don’t generally write about her or our activities together. She did give me permission to mention a test she took today on eMode, Is It Time to Break Up? The resulting analysis was very gushy but so true:

“Do other people say your relationship makes them feel sick? Ignore them–they’re not trying to drop a hint, they’re just jealous. And we don’t blame them–it looks like your relationship is perfect. So why are you wasting your time taking this test, anyway? You should be with your boyfriend, taking advantage of the passion that’s still in full-force.

On a more serious note, the respect and admiration the two of you have for each other makes your relationship a rare find. Not only do you feel a strong romantic connection, but you’re also extremely close friends–a truly wonderful combination. Please accept our sincere congratulations, and go enjoy the love you’ve found!”

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