Regrets: Everybody’s got some

Barry Cadish has a weblog where people can anonymously post their regrets. Some are touching, some are funny, some are truly sad. He’s previously gathered submissions into a book, Damn! Reflections on Life’s Biggest Regrets and you can read excerpts online. Oddly, unless he’s saving them up for the next book, only a few “current” regrets are posted in this weblog. Since it will probably disappear soon, here is one from the current lot:

Kelly, 39, housewife/mother, says “I regret causing my young daughter so many tears when I scolded her, report card after report card, for the comment[s]: “Daydreams in class” or “Doesn’t pay attention.”

I was sure that if she would only focus, her grades would get better. This went on for her entire 2nd- and 3rd-grade years and into the 4th [grade]. When she was diagnosed with Rolandic Epilepsy (which often causes petite mal seizures that would cause her to go into a daze for periods of time), we realized that she couldn’t help it. I regret all the tears and stress that we caused her. And I regret that I didn’t realize something was physically wrong earlier, so that she would have had a better chance to get a strong foundation in elementary reading and math skills. She’s been playing catch-up for years.”