Sun: The ‘o’ in ‘old’ economy

Forbes has a good article analyzing Sun’s recent past and how it’s handling the current economic malaise. Overall, fairly positive for Sun, especially comparing it to Cisco and IBM. Writer Eric Nee, a longtime Silicon Valley reporter, points to storage and application servers as big challenges:

“The problem for Sun is that its iPlanet application server ranks a distant third, trailing IBM’s WebSphere and BEA Systems’ WebLogic, which is No. 1. Looming in the background is Microsoft, which is entering the market with its .Net software. Sun can either continue to compete, hoping to take it all, or throw in the towel and partner with BEA against IBM and Microsoft. Bill Coleman, CEO of BEA and a former Sun executive, hopes McNealy will choose the latter. ‘I hope what he’ll do is determine there’s better leverage for BEA and Sun to work together during this shift.'”

Well, sorry Bill Coleman, but us employees of iPlanet have a different opinion!