A Seven of Sevens

“There has been a strong favour for the number Seven, from a remote period in the world’s history. But a sort of mystical goodness or power has attached itself to the number in many other ways. Seven wise men, seven champions of Christendom, seven sleepers, seven-league boots, seven churches, seven ages of man, seven hills, seven senses, seven planets, seven metals, seven sisters, seven stars, seven wonders of the world,—all have had their day of favour.” From The Book of Days

Today is the seventh squared anniversary of my entrance on the stage of life. Not typically a major milestone but perhaps all the remarks about the big one coming next year have had me a bit thoughtful the last few days.

I’m luckier than most, no doubt, so don’t think I’m crying in my beer or anything. I have a beautiful, loving wife, terrific parents and sister, an affectionate little puppy and some good friends. We have a fine house in a quite neighborhood in a town we enjoy.

Still… I look at my Twitter feed and see a school friend, whose current novel debuted at #1 on the NY Times Bestseller list, in a picture with Jack Nicholson and the governor of New Jersey (who was a year or so behind me at high school). Another classmate is now the chief economist at the Treasury Department and a tenured professor at Princeton. Another has moved even further from our hometown than me, living in Shanghai the last eight years.

I haven’t written that great thriller screenplay or science fiction novel that’s been my ambition since I can remember. The time for my SaaS software idea has come and gone, it seems. Never bought the winning ticket for a $100 million lottery prize.

But hey, I’m not 50 yet. I’ve got plenty of time to do all of them and since I’m a lucky guy you know one of these days I will!

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